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Coyote's Corner - A YouTube Video Series


Michael Lang has been known by many nicknames in the course of his career, but most people simply call him Mike. He grew up in New Hampshire, and at an early age, fell in love with Native American folklore. Mike began reading myths, legends, and other stories from around the world. He was seventeen when he told his first tale to a group of children at Inter-Actions Summer Camp. Word quickly spread, and Mike soon became the camp storyteller, making nightly rounds with his Deck of Stories - a bundle of index cards that each bore a simple drawing to represent the tales that he knew.


While studying outdoor education at the University of New Hampshire, he worked as a ropes course facilitator, and a technician at the university's Audio/Visual Department. Mike later became a guide for Wilderness Inquiry, one of the leading pioneers in adaptive and inclusive adventure activities. For two summers, he led canoe and kayak trips throughout the country. He also continued to tell stories, entertaining children and adults alike.


In January of 2011, Mike's short story, Kidney Transplant: My Family's Journey, was featured in Kaleidoscope Magazine. He founded his small business, The Coyote's Inkwell, that April, and began to use fables, folktales, legends, and laughter for both education and entertainment. Mike's first collection of original stories, Tales From The Fjords, was released in April of 2013. In September of that year, he released his second album, Grandmother's Basket. The following summer, Mike released The Rabbit King, and in January of 2014, the first bi-weekly episode of his YouTube series, Coyote's Corner, was released. He continues to work professionally as both a writer and storyteller. Visit his  page at Bandcamp.com to learn more about his storytelling albums and other audio recordings!