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Mark Chamberlain


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8 Valentine Dr.

Barrington, NH 03825

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Email: Milomark@metrocast.net




For many years, Mark was an avid story listener and a writer of original family experiences. Now retired, he enjoys working on his house, gardening, beekeeping, and telling stories drawn from myth, memory, and imagination.



Why I Like Telling Stories


I like telling stories. Why? Sharing stories gives me an emotional connection to the audience, a connection I enjoy.  Normally, I would not be inclined to talk to a complete stranger without good reason, but through storytelling, I feel I am communicating with everyone in the room.


Choosing what story to tell takes a long time and is largely a personal decision. My thought is that if a person is going to take the time out of their busy life to listen to me tell stories, then I owe them something worth listening to. I want people to think back on the story long after the telling is over


I love telling stories of my childhood because they have real meaning for me. My hope is that listening to stories from my childhood will activate memories for my listeners, too, reminding them of meaningful moments from their own times of growing up, and perhaps appreciating these moments all over again.